Some players may recognize the letters on the front of their jerseys if they are watching a hockey game live or on television. “A” or “C” will apply here. Players with a “C” in their name are the team’s captain and team leader. However, what does the A on a hockey jersey mean?

The “A” on hockey jerseys actually stands for the alternate captain, contrary to what many people think. A substitute captain will lead the team if the captain is injured, either on the sideline or in the box. In the event of an emergency, teams often have more than one substitute captain.

The duties of captains and alternate captains, as well as how teams decide who will wear a certain letter on their jersey, will all be covered in this  Athleticscare article.

What Does The A On A Hockey Jersey Mean?

What is the Role of an Alternate Captain?
What is the Role of an Alternate Captain?

Following the subject “What does the A on a hockey jersey mean?” You must be familiar with a captain’s responsibilities in order to comprehend the obligations of an alternate captain. The NHL rulebook states that captains are in charge of dealing with officials when they call penalties, raise issues with officials, and request clarification of the rules.

It is simpler for one player from each team to go and question a call or speak to the referee than for an entire team to do so.

They will then go back to the bench and share what they have discovered with the coach and their teammates. An alternate captain will step in to lead the team when the captain is unable to do so due to an injury, being off the ice, or being in the penalty box.

But the rulebook only contains the formal regulations. Captains and alternative captains are responsible for a lot more. As the team’s trusted leader, they are frequently in charge of motivating the group, encouraging hard play, and setting an example.

Coaches, spectators, and their teammates regard captains and alternative captains equally, and in many situations, they even look up to them as role models. As the team’s representatives, they are expected to lead by example and frequently appear at public events and on signs or brochures.

Although they are not required, teams look on their leaders to do these tasks. To make sure that everyone is on the same page, captains also serve as a liaison between the players and the coaches.

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Who Chooses the Team Captains?

Who Chooses the Team Captains?

After answering “what does the a on a hockey jersey mean?”So how does a team choose its captain and backup captain? It depends, really. There are no hard-and-fast regulations governing how teams select their leaders. They will be chosen through elections on certain teams, and by management and coaches on other teams.

While the team captain is frequently the team leader, those in line behind them are assigned the responsibility of becoming the alternate captain. These colleagues appreciate them and will stand by them just as they would the team captain. Either wearing a “A” or a “C” is something to be proud of.

Contrary to popular belief, a team’s captain isn’t necessarily the greatest or highest-scoring player on the squad. For instance, the Columbus Blue Jackets selected Boone Jenner their captain prior to the 2021–22 NHL season.

Although he hasn’t scored more than 40 points in a season for more for five years, the coaches selected him because of his great character and dedication to his job. When choosing a captain, factors other than points include a player’s leadership skills and level of respect.

Can Goalies In Hockey Carry The A?

Can Goalies In Hockey Carry The A
Can Goalies In Hockey Carry The A

Following the question ” what does the A mean on a hockey jersey?” On the rink, goalies are not permitted to assume the position of captain or alternate captain.

Unofficially, the goaltender may assume the leadership position, albeit without having access to the ice.

The Vancouver Canucks’ Roberto Luongo served as the most recent illustration.

He was then acknowledged by the entire group as the dressing room’s leader.

At one point, he even painted the “C” on his helmet.

But in actuality, throughout the game, only his teammates were allowed to reach the referee crease.

They were granted the position of alternative captain as a result.

Sadly for Luongo, the prohibition against goalies playing official “C” or “A” roles was put into place for the 1948–1949 NHL season.

In honor of Bill Durnan, the goalkeeper for the Montreal Canadiens, the limitation is always referred to as the Durnan rule.

Teams at the time used to grumble about Durnan talking to the referees during particularly key moments of the game.

He had a reputation for buying his teammates the time they needed to recuperate or slow down the enemy.

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Final Thought 

What does the a on A hockey jersey mean? The captains are often veterans who have merited the right to don the letter. However, in rare cases, clubs will also choose a rising superstar to serve as captain. Anyone can serve as the captain or alternative captain as long as the player is a leader and the squad is behind them.

This guide’s material should have assisted you in understanding not just what the “A” on a hockey jersey symbolizes, but also how captains are chosen and what their responsibilities are. Please let me know in the comment section if I missed anything.

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